#152. Talking Caffeine with Dr Brad

Posted // 13th Jul. 2020

This week, we present to you one of our new "PROD-CASTS". A shorter, education-focused product-focused podcast designed to give you the facts on important ingredients, topics, and other current events taking place in the health, wellness, and fitness industry.  This week, To caffeinate or not to caffeinate? Is this even a question? Well, it's actually important to look at how we caffeinate.

There's more than 1 way to stimulate with caffeine and we talk to Dr. Brad to get the facts. From synthetic caffeine to guarana, green coffee bean & ginseng to the beloved coffee we talk all things stimulants, how different type of caffeine can affect anxiety, hacking caffeine for sustained energy, how to avoid the spike, jitters and crash and what combinations are best when you're looking to get the best performance.


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